Lab Members

Belinda S.W. Chang, Professor

Canada Research Chair in Comparative Evolutionary Neurobiology


Gianni Castiglione
, Former Post-Doc/Lab Manager

Comparative approaches to Rhodopsin structure and function

Eduardo de Almeida Gutierrez
, Former PhD Student

Molecular evolution of bat visual pigments


Nihar Bhattacharyya
, Postdoctoral Associate/Lab Manager

Investigating the role of the chromophore in rhodopsin thermal stability

Iris Chiu, MSc Student

Comparative studies of visual pigments and disease-associated mutations

Steven Chen, MSc Student

Investigating rhodopsin variants of uncertain significance using yeast

Raphaël Brisset Di Roberto, Former PhD Student

Evolution of Ste2 in yeast


Sarah Dungan
, Former PhD Student

Evolution of vision in cetaceans


Ahmed Elbassiouny, PhD Student

Functional genomics approaches to understanding bio-electrogenesis and sensory systems in fishes

Frances Hauser, Former PhD Student

Neotropical cichlid cone pigment molecular evolution


Ryan Schott
, Former PhD Student

Molecular mechanisms controlling differences in rod and cone function in reptiles

Benjamin Scott, PhD Student

Heterologous expression of functional GPCRs using the yeast S. cerevisiae


Alexander Van Nynatten
, PhD Studen

Functional evolutionary changes accompanying a transition from marine to freshwater ecosystems

Matthew Woo, MSc Student

Investigating Retinitis Pigmentosa disease-associated mutations in rhodopsin using comparative approaches and natural variation

Current Undergraduate Students:

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