Lab Members

Belinda S.W. Chang, Professor
Canada Research Chair in Comparative Evolutionary Neurobiology

Steven Chen, PhD Student

Protein evolvability and function
High-throughput technologies for cell engineering

Emily Dong, PhD Student

Evolution and development of photoreceptors in snakes and lizards

Anthony Rajkumar, PhD Student

Molecular evolutionary changes in stingrays, accompanying a transition from marine to freshwater ecosystems; with a focus on vision.

Peter L.S. Hong, MSc Student

Disease mutations associated with inheritable retinopathies with a focus on retinitis pigmentosa

Jing Liu, MSc Student

Molecular mechanisms of selectivity in protein-protein interactions

Bryan Guo, MSc Student

Functional impact of rhodopsin mutations in whales and dolphins


Tony Xie, Undergraduate Student

Alena Qin, Undergraduate Student

Interested in Molecular Genetics

Emma Yu, Undergraduate Student

Interested in Animal Physiology and Immunology

Chong Wan, Undergraduate Student

Interested in Computer Science and Bioinformatics.

Chang Lab Members, April 2023

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