Lab Members

Belinda S.W. Chang, Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Comparative Evolutionary Neurobiology

Gianni Castiglione
, Postdoctoral Associate/Lab Manager

Comparative approaches to Rhodopsin structure and function

Eduardo de Almeida Gutierrez
, PhD Student

Molecular evolution of bat visual pigments

Nihar Bhattacharyya
, PhD Student

Investigating the role of the chromophore in rhodopsin thermal stability

Raphaël Brisset Di Roberto, PhD Student

Evolution of Ste2 in yeast


Sarah Dungan
, PhD Student

Evolution of vision in cetaceans


Ahmed Elbassiouny, PhD Student

Functional genomics approaches to understanding bio-electrogenesis and sensory systems in fishes

Frances Hauser, PhD Student

Neotropical cichlid cone pigment molecular evolution


Ryan Schott
, PhD Student

Molecular mechanisms controlling differences in rod and cone function in reptiles

Benjamin Scott, PhD Student

Heterologous expression of functional GPCRs using the yeast S. cerevisiae

Alexander Van Nynatten
, PhD Student

Functional evolutionary changes accompanying a transition from marine to freshwater ecosystems

Current Undergraduate Students:

  • Steven Chen
  • Iris Chiu
  • Laura Ortiz-Pacheco
  • Matthew Preston
  • Portia Tang
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Current Chang Lab members, 2017

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