Lab Members

Belinda S.W. Chang, Professor
Canada Research Chair in Comparative Evolutionary Neurobiology

Alex Van Nynatten, Post-Doc

Functional evolutionary changes accompanying a transition from marine to freshwater ecosystems.

Steven Chen, PhD Student

Protein evolvability and function
High-throughput technologies for cell engineering

Emily Dong, PhD Student

Evolution and development of photoreceptors in snakes and lizards

Anthony Rajkumar, PhD Student

Molecular evolutionary changes in stingrays, accompanying a transition from marine to freshwater ecosystems; with a focus on vision.

Peter L.S. Hong, MSc Student

Disease mutations associated with inheritable retinopathies with a focus on retinitis pigmentosa

Jing Liu, MSc Student

Molecular mechanisms of selectivity in protein-protein interactions


Yihang Zhao

Bryan Guo

Mac Goldman

Chang Lab Members, April 2023

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