Chang Lab presentations at Evolution 2016


A number of lab members will be in Austin from June 17-21 to present at the Evolution 2016 conference.

This year’s talks and posters include:

  1. “Divergence of the dim light opsin gene in Neotropical cichlids reflects macroevolutionary transitions” by Frances Hauser, Ryan Schott, and Belinda Chang.
  2. “Functional evolution in the cetacean dim-light visual pigment” by Sarah Dungan and Belinda Chang.
  3. “Targeted hybrid enrichment of complete coding regions across divergent species” by Ryan Schott, Bhawandeep Panesar, and Belinda Chang.
  4. “Transmutation in the visual system of the Northern Pine Snake, Pituophis melanoleucus” by Nihar Bhattacharya, Benedict Darren, Ryan Schott, and Belinda Chang.
  5. “BlastPhyMe: A toolkit for rapid generation and analysis of protein-coding sequence datasets” by Ryan Schott, Daniel Gow, and Belinda Chang.

For more detailed information, including room numbers and session times, visit the Evolution 2016 website.

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